5 Frequently Asked Questions about the Mehu-Liisa Steam Juicer from Finland

Below are answers to 5 frequently asked questions regarding the Mehu-Liisa steam juicer from Finland:

Is the Mehu-Liisa compatible with induction hob stoves?

Yes. The Mehu-Liisa steam juicer is designed to be compatible with the modern kitchen. It can be used with induction, gas, ceramic, glass, and electric ranges. The bottom plate of the water pan on the juicer is an efficient heat regulating sandwich of aluminum between stainless steel. This is very common construction on high-end kitchen cookware. If used with high heat stand alone propane burners, care should be taken to keep the water pan from boiling dry.

Where is the Mehu-Liisa steam juicer made?

The Mehu-Liisa is designed, assembled, and quality controlled in Finland by Opa-Muurikka OY. The fabrication of the juicer takes place in China. The stainless steel used is a high-content nickel steel that varies in gauge from 18/10 to 18/8 depending on how deep the steel has been drawn to form the sections of the juicer. The Mehu-Liisa is an efficient combination of durability and ease of use.

 What kind of fruit can you steam in the Mehu-Liisa steam juicer?

In spring and summer the woods and fields of Finland are full of wonderful flavorful berries. The Finns are fond of berry juice and devised the steam juicer to process berries in an efficient way. No mess, no squeezing and straining, no fuss. The word got out about the ingenious invention and now people around the world steam juice all  kind of fruit.

All common fruits of the temperate zones around the world can be steam juiced: rhubarb, strawberries, raspberries, cherries, blueberries, peaches, apricots, plums, apples, pears, grapes are just a few of the common fruits that can be steam juiced with great success in the Mehu-Liisa.

Less common fruits include pomegranate, medlar, quince, gooseberries, currants, elderberries, muscadine, tuna (prickly pear fruit). The list goes on.

And that’s just fruit. Most vegetables can be cooked and steam juiced in the Mehu-Liisa either as meals, steps in the canning process, or for nutritious vegetable juices akin to V8.

Timer on atmospheric steam canner.Do you need to water bath the juice from a Mehu-Liisa steam juicer?

The USDA recommends boiling water bath processing for fruit juice and pressure canning for all juice with low acid vegetables or fruit as constituents. Please check with your local extension service for guidelines.

Recently, the USDA began recommending atmospheric steam canning as a viable alternative to water bath canning. This was greeted with praise by dedicated canners who have grown weary of heavy pots of water and the long wait times involved in water bath canning. Please review our post on steam processing for more information.

Is there a warranty with the Mehu-Liisa?

Yes. There is a ten year warranty on manufacturer defects. The Mehu-Liisa steam juicer is a durable, high-quality cookware item that can be used for years and years when simple care instructions are followed. Many families have passed a juicer down through the generations for decades.

If you have questions of your own regarding the Mehu-Liisa steam juicer from Finland, please contact us or ask in the comments.

Happy New Year!



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