Bourbon-Cured Figgy Pudding with Mehu-Liisa

Figgy Pudding with Mehu-Liisa. From 2016Before you view the instructional video below for making figgy pudding with the Mehu-Liisa steam juicer, there is still time to take advantage of our Holiday Coupon Code special:

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Enter this coupon code at purchase (not available on Amazon) and receive a 10% discount. Limited to the first 50 customers.

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The recipe is based on Dorie Greenspan’s from her book Baking: from My Home to Yours. You can get her recipe at this link or use my recipe from a few years back.

See you in the New Year!



About dheila62

Manager at Mehu-Liisa Products, importer of the Mehu-Liisa Steam Juicer from Finland.
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