Slow Cooker Plum Butter from Mehu-Liisa Steam Juicer Pulp

A while back, after processing some super sweet and juicy Santa Rosa plums (picked from a rogue tree in our neighborhood) in my Mehu-Liisa steam juicer, I used the leftover pulp to make plum butter in my slow cooker. What a truly low-input, high quality process! The end product was beyond my expectations in flavor and texture. You can use Italian plums as well in this recipe. Here’s what I did:

Mehu-Liisa Steam Juice plum pulp Separating pulp from plum pits Remains after separating plum pulp from pits.

I took the leftover plum pulp from nine pounds of plums after steam juicing in the Mehu-Liisa and removed the skins and pits using a Chinese strainer. I took a scoop of pulp in the strainer and then gently but firmly banged it against the side of a large pot. The back and forth motion separated the pulp from the skin and pits. Pretty handy. You can see the skins and pits leftover after one go around.

Skins and pits separated from nine pounds of plums. Three quarts of plum pulp without skins or pits. Adding sugar to plum pulp in the slow cooker.

On the left is all that’s left of nine pounds of plums after steam juicing in the Mehu-Liisa and then separating out the skins and pits. It yielded about 3 quarts of pulp. I put the pulp in the slow cooker and added about a cup of sweetener. I like things a little less sweet so you may want to add more. Also, I didn’t add any spices. You may want to consider some cinnamon, clove, allspice, or nutmeg. I prefer just the straight fruit butter.

Slow cooker plum butter Plum butter after 5 hours.

I first cooked the pulp for 3 hours on high with the lid on. Then I cooked for 5 hours on high with the lid off (I stirred every half hour or so). The pulp reduced to a beautiful dark brown satiny butter, about 2 quarts. The flavor was intense: lemony, pruney, and sweet-tart.

Canning jars and plum butter. Using an atmospheric steam canner for processing plum butter. Timer on atmospheric steam canner.

I filled my one cup mason jars, covered with Tattler reusable lids, and processed in an atmospheric steam canner. The yield was 7 cups of fabulous plum butter.

This is an excellent way to extend your yield when processing with the Mehu-Liisa steam juicer.

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Manager at Mehu-Liisa Products, importer of the Mehu-Liisa Steam Juicer from Finland.
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